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Alanya is a touristic center on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, 135 kilometers east of Antalya. The city of Alanya is a large town on the seacoast. To the east and west of Alanya lie inviting turquoise seas fringed by extensive golden beaches. The magnificent Taurus Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop to this enchanting resort. Crowning the headland is a sprinkling of Citadel towers and just below is a delightful harbour guarded by the Red Tower, an unusual building. Adjacent to the tower are the dockyards where five vessels could be worked on at a time. Next to the dockyards is a tower called Tophane Kule, where cannons were cast during Ottoman times. Nearby close to the seashore is a cave called Damlatas. The large popular resort center of Alanya lies at one end of a rocky promrntory which just out into the Mediterrenaen between two long sandy beachs.

Alanya is a beautiful holiday center of modern hotels and motels, numerous fish restaurants and cafes and bars. There are twisting narrow alleyways tempting shoppers with their colourful boutiques and stalls of cheese-cloth dresses, carpets, copper and jewellery.

As well as its cultural and historical sights, Alanya has an unbeatable beach life too. Beautiful sandy Cleopatra beach lies to the west of the resort while the fine sands of Alanya beach stretch to the east. A good range of water-sports are available too. The nightlife is easy-going and relaxed with a wide choice of night-spots located at the edge of town. Take your pick from lively bars to late-night discos for real night-owls.

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